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DIRTY 30 MINUTES .. your home/work/hotel £120
Meet me for a social drink in a pub, coffee or fast food place I will be all dolled up looking very appealing . We can have a drink (say 20 mins) we chat and decide if we should have some private time in your vehicle. Initially you will be asked to pay a £40 deposit on booking and if we continue onto fun in your car then you must pay additional donation of £50 in cash . All private time takes place in your vehicle… you must be alone (and freshly showered) … polite, friendly and not pushy. You get upto 30 mins private time with me in your car …. no shagging but you can expect oral fun/blowjobs, boob play, leg/heel fetish and handjobs etc…... if you want me to “shag me” then ask me during your meet. (extra donation expected) .
I I like cars, JDM, sport cars, luxury cars and even family cars and I love to talk about cars so if you are a car guy and want to meet me all dolled up looking delightful and meet you in your car then this is the meet for you. I will be looking lovely in a sexy outfit, high heels, make-up and smelling lovely. This is a social meet so no touching without my consent but feel free to enjoy my company and I’m quite happy to tease/flash you my legs, boobs etc. or if you prefer we can just have a chat/giggle etc. like mates. It’s a bit like a first date I suppose… however if you wish to get more intimate with me then let me know during the meet; maybe we can sort out an additional donation for the extra time.
I can meet at your home/hotel in the Peterborough, Bourne, Stamford, Spalding areas but also travel further provided extra travel costs are paid. I may request a deposit on booking. Donation must be paid at start of meet in cash only. This meet is something I enjoy as I find it really horny and dirty…. we meet and get naughty…. I enjoy oral both ways, full sex etc (all safe fun) …. no kissing or any rough stuff (sorry not my scene) ….. Time to get naughty with me in private at an affordable rate. Contact me by phone to arrange this meet… I expect a donation of £60 paid in advance . Then we can arrange a time/date to meet I’m fun, friendly and easy to talk to…. I will be looking lovely (make-up, high heels etc) and will be enthusiastic as I love to please gents I meet. This meet is approx 30 minutes long and I never waste time so we can get intimate within minutes of meeting (once you have paid me my donation in cash only) . I’m a treat for gents who like a fit, sensual mature pale skinned English blonde (great for your gents into legs/heels and ladies with natural big tits/cleavage) YOU DO NOT HAVE MY CONSENT TO FILM ME… no photos or filming allowed on any of my meets …. please keep your phone and other recording device switched off


I find this meet to be very naughty; maybe a bit sleazy … a bit like dogging I suppose as it is quick, discreet and taboo ; you get to spend time with me in your vehicle . Enjoy me guys. This meet is approx 20 to 30 mins… meet me and we can have fun in your vehicle; car, van or maybe a lorry etc. You must be alone and friendly and freshly showered, I will be dressed sex, high heels, looking slutty …. I’m happy to tease you show off my heels, legs and flash my tits too; touching allowed but be respectful and gentle. We will have enough time for me to give you a handjob or a “blowjob” (with a condom) as you play with my boobs ….I love that, it makes me feel soo dirty. Enjoy some naughty time with me in your vehicle….looking hot as ever …. long legs, big boobs and red lips too. If you want to get more dirty with me… (full sex, anal etc) …. discuss it with me as soon as I get into your vehicle. Additional donations expected for extra time I love getting naughty in a car; it’s such a turn on for me so you are in for a good time ….. see my genuine photo on the left … When booking please give me at least 24 hr notice (slightly longer is even better). Please read my likes for car meets below.
WHY WORRY ? … Life is too short … ENJOY the pleasures of Miss Jackson today

DRINKS & CAR MEET .... one hour from £90

SOCIAL CAR MEET ..... 50-60 mins £60
Im on facebook, twitter (X) and on Telegram…. search “Louise Jackson” or “Louise Jackson blonde Bourne Peterborough” … message me on there incase you have issues contacting me by phone.

Leggy, English blonde model; lovely curves (size 12), big boobs, lovely white (gori) pale skin, classy & clean.

I enjoy meeting new gents so love dating and more intimate experiences so NOW offer overnight and weekend meets in my area or at your place anywhere in UK
Spend a night or weekend with me in my area… I expect you to book a hotel local to me in Peterborough area. Get to know the real me and spend some very intimate time with me … for this kind of meet I prefer all sex to be natural …no protection (if you want safe fun then that’s fine too) . For the overnight meet, we can have dinner and drinks and a chat/giggle and move onto fun in the bedroom… spend some very warm, intimate time with me…. just try not to fall in love… TIMES.. DATES… Donations to be arranged after a first meet Weekend meet with me in my area…. I expect you to book a local hotel to me . We can have plenty of time together…I can show you the sights of my area. Go to dinner, drinks and shopping etc. Enjoy plenty of touching, kssing and obviously sexual intimacy. I prefer all sex to be as natural as possible for the additional warmth and pleasure. I can wear many outfits and happy to discuss and try out some of your fantasies. Meet starts on Friday evening and ends Monday morning . Times, dates ,donation to be discussed after one or two shorter meets. Regular meets available from £350 monthly donation For weekly meets and daily chats etc
Email me with your details..name, location, job, a little about you and which meet and date you want … include any requirements or fetishes/fantasies etc louisejackson833@gmail.com
Im on facebook, twitter (X) and on Telegram…. search “Louise Jackson” or “Louise Jackson blonde Bourne Peterborough” … message me on there incase you have issues contacting me by phone.
I have the right to practise security measures which I consider are appropriate for my safety. You understand and agree to this when making any booking with me. No photos or videos so please turn off your dashcam/incar camera and your mobile phone. You do NOT have consent to film me.
MY LIKES FOR CAR MEETS Quickie Car meet and car meets less than 30 mins I enjoy the following…. meeting new guys who fancy me gentle touching …not my hair or face Protected Oral sex Slow edging hand relief Foot/leg/heel fetish Breast play/ breast worship … body / leg worship Chatting and having a giggle ..Im good company and easy to talk to me NO photos or filming allowed … all meets are in your vehicle .. I will be dressed to impress in a sexy outfit, high heels etc so you get to see me all dolled up Love teasing, flashing my legs and boobs etc No to rough stuff or any pushy guys If you want lick me out or full sex then please ask for a meet over 30 mins I love sex in a car but not in a short meet ( 30 mins or less Bareback and anal possible during car meet … just ask but will expect extra donation
All donations are for my time and/or travel or other expenses.
I have the right to ask for a non refundable deposit .when you book me for any meet on this website… my time is valuable so please respect this
Peterborough Bourne Deepings Stamford Spalding and villages

The car meet above is ideal for working gents who don’t have a large income or time to spend with me….. delivery,/van drivers,

truckers, tradesmen, sales reps, executives, taxi drivers etc, married gents sneaking away most welcome…. inexperienced or younger

gents(at least 25 years old) and local gents who don’t want to be seen me in public etc.

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